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McGruff the Crime Dog

The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign is the embodiment of, and catalyst for, citizen action to combat crime and reduce fearMcGruff the Crime Dog of crime in the United States.

The Campaign is the first, and the only, nationally organized, public education program on crime prevention in the country. It is designed to stimulate community involvement and generate confidence in comprehensive crime prevention activities and provide a national focus and resource for crime prevention programs across the country.

The Campaign was formally launched in 1979 to persuade Americans that they can do something about crime. Most viewed crime as inevitable and its prevention as the job of the police.

Today, more than three out of four Americans believe that they can personally take actions to reduce crime and that their neighborhoods and communities can act to prevent crime. A major force behind this shift to a more positive attitude is the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign.

The Campaign is symbolized by McGruff the Crime Dog®, and his "Take A Bite Out Of Crime®" slogan. Since 1980, McGruff® has been educating and advising Americans through such avenues as public service advertising, educational videos, and personal appearances.

  • Research shows that some 99 percent of children in the six to twelve year-old age group recognize and understand the McGruff® Campaign.
  • Eighty percent of adults recalled having seen the McGruff® Public Service messages (PSAs).
  • One-third who had seen the PSAs have learned from them; one fifth who had seen them had taken preventative actions.
  • Almost half reported feeling more personally responsible for preventing crime; slightly more than half said they had become more concerned about the crime problem.
  • A substantial majority said the PSAs were effective in increasing their own crime prevention awareness (70 percent) and children’s awareness of crime prevention (90 percent).

The impact created on the American psyche through this media, law enforcement, and educational campaign has been profound and is now stronger than ever. In 1998, the last measured year for media spending, McGruff®’s “Take A Bite Out Of Crime” advertising campaign received a staggering $128 million in donated media support. This is a 51-year all-time media exposure record for The Advertising Council. (The average Advertising Council advertising campaign generates $30 million per year). It is the most successful advertising campaign in the history of The Advertising Council.

The Social Impact of the National Citizens Crime Prevention Campaign published by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, November 1993

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