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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System?

We are the only fingerprint/identification system licensed by the National Crime Prevention Council. Our system is computerized, there is no messy ink and it is instant. The process is instant, so in most instances, the McGruff® Safe Kids Total Identification System package is ready before we leave your school or event.

I had my child fingerprinted before, but they used ink. Is there a difference?

YES! Chances are that if you had your child ink printed probably only one or two of the prints are legible. Our system is designed to digitally scan fingerprints (all ten digits). We control the print and can enhance the print if it is too light or too dark. Most all of the prints will be “forensic quality”; a term commonly used by law enforcement professionals, meaning the prints are legible and identifiable.

Is there a database?

NO! To protect your child's identity and security, no record or database is retained. Once your child's personal information has been accepted, it will be deleted from our system.

Why have my child fingerprinted?

Statistics show that approximately every 40 seconds a child is reported missing in the United States, unfortunately less than 2% of the children in this country have ever had their fingerprints taken.

Are there any safety materials included with your program?

YES! We include 2 - Laminated ID Cards with thumbprint and color photo, 1 - Full-Sized ID Card with all ten fingerprints and color photo, a DNA Collection Kit and a CD containing all of the child's information. We also make educational videos on numerous safety topics available, they include subjects on Abduction Prevention, Stranger Danger, Personal Propery, Bullies, Pedestrian and Bicycle Laws and Internet Safety.

How often should I have my child participate in the McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System Program?

We recommend once a year. This will keep your child’s photo and vital information up to date.

Should my child carry the identification card on them?

NO! The wallet size laminated cards are for the parent(s) or guardian to carry with them. Children should not carry identification nor have their names printed on their clothing. The ID cards are used if a child is lost in a mall, amusement park, or any crowded location. Find the nearest security officer, police officer or law enforcement official and present them with this card. They will have most all of the information they will need to start their search.

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