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mcgruff-tid.com – Going traveling does require careful preparation so that the trip can run smoothly, but it is undeniable that we often forget simple but important things to pay attention to before going on a trip. One of them is to determine the right shoe base and match the conditions of the place to be visited. You must have experienced unpleasant events such as scuffed feet due to using the wrong footwear. So, to avoid this, you need to know several types of travel shoes to choose from before leaving so that your trip is safe and comfortable.

Types of Traveling Shoes

The following are the types of shoes that you can use for your vacation.

1. Hiking Shoes


This is the right type of shoe for those of you who like to climb mountains because these shoes are designed to support the user in carrying loads that will be carried when climbing. Look for hiking shoes that are lightweight but still provide protection for your feet when walking on difficult terrain. Also, make sure that the hiking shoe material you choose is strong and doesn’t break easily.

So when you decide to go hiking, don’t forget to bring hiking shoes because this is the most important item. Better not buy it suddenly, because your feet have to get used to wearing it long before leaving.

Choose hiking shoes that are the right size, not too narrow and not too loose. Because if it is too narrow it could make your feet scuffed, considering the terrain to be passed is an extreme field plus the pressure given by the load you carry.

Hiking shoes are comfortable to use when you go on a hiking trip or mountain climbing. These shoes are specially designed to go through various tracks with downhill terrain and hike with extreme conditions.

Today’s hiking shoes have been designed with sophisticated technology. Despite having the ability to go through extreme terrain and support heavy loads, hiking boots are usually very light to use. But the price is also quite draining.

2. Active Footwear


These shoes are suitable for all heavy or light activities, from taking walks in the city or in the wilderness. This is because these types of shoes have ventilation and cushioning that makes your feet feel comfortable. In addition, this type of shoe is easy to combine with any type of clothing.

3. Casual Shoes


If you take a walk in urban areas, this type of shoe is very suitable to wear because besides being comfortable it can also be used to be stylish. Choose casual shoes that fit your feet and make sure to provide stability when used to walk for a long time.

Casual shoes are comfortable shoes to use when you are traveling in urban areas, which are generally tracks or terrain that is traveled in the form of flat roads made of asphalt or concrete. This type of shoe is very light and comfortable to use for walking.

Choose casual shoes made of synthetic leather or fabrics that are soft and flexible. Using these shoes can prevent your feet from abrasions caused by friction when walking.

4. Sandals


Now the following footwear is most suitable for use when you go to the beach or hot tropical areas. Going to the beach is most suitable in summer. But don’t climb the mountain wearing sandals, because of course your feet will be scuffed due to not being well protected from dangerous terrain.

It is advisable to choose sandals made of rubber because they have longer durability. When you use sandals, your feet will feel comfortable because you feel the fresh air and sea water and the warm sand of the beach. Don’t forget to bring more than one sandal just in case you are going on vacation to the beach area.

Sandals can also be used when you want to take a leisurely walk. Having a simple shape makes users have no trouble holding body weight. Generally, sandals are also light and simple in type. By using sandals, your feet will not feel moist.

5. Winter Boots


This type of shoe is best worn during winter or when traveling to a four-season country. Boots are indeed the most appropriate to wear during winter because of their sturdy and hard design. Besides being sturdy, boots will make your appearance even more stylish. But don’t wear this type of shoes when visiting a tropical country, it’s guaranteed to make you uncomfortable.

6. Ballet Flat


For the ladies going to the big city, where you spend a lot of time traveling, wear chic and comfortable ballet flats like some simple models accented with ribbons or tassels.

As the name implies, this type of shoe looks like the type of shoe worn by ballerinas. Ballet Flat has no rights and is comfortable to use. Nowadays, ballet flat models and shapes have varied and look beautiful in use. These shoes are suitable for use when relaxing.

7. Ankle Boots


Still about women’s shoes. Come in winter or winter? If you are not accustomed to wearing high boots, ankle boots are the shoes you need. These boots are stylish and comfortable when you wear them for a walk.

Tips to Avoid Complicated Because Shoes For Women While On Vacation

Many shoe fans are often confused when choosing which women’s shoes to bring for a vacation, especially for a vacation abroad. Because of this difficulty, in the end, vacationing becomes complicated because you have to carry so many shoes in your suitcase. To avoid this, pay attention to some of the tips below.

Don’t Bring Shoes Just Because It’s Funny

As a fan of shoes, you must have bought shoes many times that did not match their benefits, but only because of the funny motifs, pictures, or shapes. Well, shoes like this don’t need you to take them on vacation. When on vacation, you need to bring practical items, even if they can be multifunctional. So, just let your cute shoes stay at home.