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For women, fashion is the most important thing. Many of them spend a lot of money just to buy a brand, in fact the women’s wallet brand indeed defines the existence of its users. Now if you are one of those who are still looking for existence, here are some recommendations for branded wallets that are suitable for you


Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith is a Singapore-based brand, Charles and Keith, formerly Charlotte and Keith only produced shoes. But over time Charles and Keith began to develop their production into the realm of other women’s fashion accessories, namely purses. The models it offers are very diverse. Suitable for young people or adults


Women’s wallet brands may be familiar to women, fossil is a brand that has been around for thirty years. In 1984 the trademark of the Fossil brand was the classic style of vintage and retro nuances offered. Not only wallets, many other fashion items such as watches, glasses and clothing.


Until now, Zara is the most famous brand with its quality, such as the Zara sompet which is the target of young people because of its contemporary village at a price that is not too expensive. of course Zara still attaches great importance to the quality of each item so that it is still one of the brands that is in great demand by many people.


Gues is a women’s wallet brand originating from America, established since the 1970s, Gues has produced products that have very high quality and are very easily accepted by the public.