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For women, a bag is not a tool for loading and storing goods alone. It’s hard for women to be separated from the name of the bag because it has become a fashion accessory that can enhance your appearance. In the world of high fashion, famous brands make bags intended for the elite as items that are worth collecting. Branded goods models do indeed have high quality. Now here are some bags that are already known to have good quality.


Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an international bag brand from New York, United States. Michael kors bag is made of leather with soft and feminine colors. Michael Kors is a fashion designer who develops his business and uses his own name as a brand name. Official Michael Kors outlets can be found in leading cities in the world such as New York, Beverly Hills, Milan, Tokyo and others.


Chanel is a classy fashion brand that has a classic story and history that is influential in the fashion world. Chanel is intended for the upper and lower classes. The hallmark of the bag can be seen from the bag 2.55 with various shapes and models, namely a chain strap that can be carried or placed on the shoulder.


Bruberry is a brandel bag originating from Landon England, this bag has a characteristic that can be recognized, namely the checkerboard pattern called Haymarket check and has become its trademark. The name Burberry itself was taken from its founder Thomas Burberry in 1856 and later became an icon that is loved by fashionistas around the world.


the most iconic handbag model and has a unique history that has influenced the fashion world. Dior bags are easily recognizable because they have a very feminine and very elegant design. Dior bag made of leather and fabric and equipped with a rather thick handle